Zoonies - NFT Collection


Floor Price
0.09 SOL
22.000.2 SOL
Listed Count
Chart Floor Price And Listed NFT Count

What is Zoonies

This is a NFT collection on the solana network.

1st Solana project to launch with OpenSea's upcoming launchpad.Featuring unique characters branded as mutated aliens called Zoonies. The Zoonies team is developing an alien-themed ecosystem called Planet Zoon defined with strong branding and innovation. Zoonies are connecting both Solana and Ethereum communities for the upcoming launch.Notable ETH collabs: Metaverse HQ, Cool Cats, Doodles, WoWG, Alpacadabraz, Origins, Moonbirds, Phanta Bear, Web3 Singapore.RoadmapPlanet Zoon Ecosystem dashboard would contain the following:- Staking Zoonies NFTs with $POTION as staking reward (available at launch)- Planet Zoon 2D Metaverse with 10’000 apartments, each Zoonies holder can claim for free an apartment in 1:1 ratio. Basic building kit will be available for all holders. Premium building kits/items would be eventually available to buy with $POTION- Games with $POTION (Mutant Roulette available at launch)- Zoonies Traits Economy (TE) Marketplace (long term development goal)

Zoonies Floor Price Today

The minimum price of NFT from the collection today is 0.09 Solana (SOL). And the market capitalization of the collection is 22000.2 Solana (SOL).