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Udder Chaos - NFT Collection

Udder Chaos

Floor Price
0.7 SOL
81.943.08 SOL
Listed Count
Chart Floor Price And Listed NFT Count

What is Udder Chaos

This is a NFT collection on the solana network.

High quality collectible art and innovative utility. Udder Chaos is bringing clarity to the DYOR process by launching a user-based NFT review site. The site, Alpha Audits, will have a review-to-earn mechanism where holders are rewarded for leaving accurate reviews! Udder Chaos is also operating a Solana validator which generates steadily increasing passive income for holders. This project has been designed with sustainability and transparency in mind.

Udder Chaos Floor Price Today

The minimum price of NFT from the collection today is 0.7 Solana (SOL). And the market capitalization of the collection is 81943.08 Solana (SOL).