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Average Digi-Dog Society - NFT Collection

Average Digi-Dog Society

Floor Price
0.16 SOL
1.103.24 SOL
Listed Count
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What is Average Digi-Dog Society

This is a NFT collection on the solana network.

Please join us & proudly tweet us your new kick-ass Average Digi-Dog....tag & follow @AverageDigiDogs || Average Digi-Dog Society is a Web3 cultural NFT brand of community-first & togetherness with 10k unique Average Digi-Dog NFTs with varying rarity existing on the Solana blockchain. Each Average Digi-Dog is unique and programmatically generated from 188 possible traits some are rarer than others, a few are ultra-rare. Your Average Digi-Dog NFT can be proudly displayed as well as doubling as your Society all-access key to exclusive members-only benefits, perks & all the bragging rights. PROJECT GOAL: The Average Digi-Dog Society project is intended to create fun and togetherness, building a proud cultural NFT brand and Society that promotes adoption into the Web3 space through our community-fueled ventures & collaborations. Follow us:

Average Digi-Dog Society Floor Price Today

The minimum price of NFT from the collection today is 0.16 Solana (SOL). And the market capitalization of the collection is 1103.24 Solana (SOL).